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Nissan Embarks on Pole-to-Pole Adventure

Posted in On 30/05/2022
Nissan Embarks on Pole-to-Pole Adventure

Nissan is to set foot into the unknown and take the fully electric Nissan Ariya on an epic 17,000-mile (27,000km) trip from the South Pole to the North Pole. British adventurer Chris Ramsey will be at the helm to take the beefed-up electric SUV from Pole to Pole in 2023.

Nissan says that the Ariya will be the very first all-electric driving exhibition, across several continents. Ramsey will experience several continents with temperatures ranging from -30⁰C to 30⁰C.

Not only will this be the first for an electric vehicle, but it will be the first for any type of vehicle. Chris Ramsey's route will take him through multiple continents as he makes his way from the Arctic, through North, Central, and South America, before crossing into Antarctica – A total of 14 countries.

The epic journey is expected to depart in March 2023 and is tasked with negotiating some of the world's most challenging environments. Nissan is partnering with e-4ORCE to create the ultimate electric off-roader.

The adapted Nissan Ariya will be equipped with rugged equipment to assist them along the route. These upgrades will include e-4ORCE control technology, enhancing traction and stability across numerous surfaces as well as extreme tyres and suspension.

Modified Nissan Ariya

So who is Chris Ramsey?

Chris is a British explorer with a passion for all-electric adventures. Being a sustainable living advocate, he has a keen interest in electric vehicles. Ramsey is a previous Guinness World Record holder for driving his Nissan Leaf over 10,000 miles from the United Kingdom to the depths of Siberia during the Mongol Rally, making him the first person to do so.

The ultimate goal for Chris and his team is to raise awareness and prove that electric vehicles can tackle harsh environments. They are out to show that EVs are capable vehicles, proving that the switch to an electric car is easier than people think.

Chris Ramsey Explorer

Is the Nissan Ariya capable?

The standard Nissan Ariya is a stylish SUV, packed with the latest technology to provide its passengers with excellent connectivity and safety. Being the first fully electric SUV from Nissan, they claim an approximate 300-mile range. Since launching the Nissan Leaf, the automakers have been keen to expand their electric vehicle portfolio.

The Ariya integrates advanced EV technology, with excellent power delivery, charging capabilities, and efficiency. The aim of Ariya is to mark a new era of zero-emission motoring for the brand.

Modified Nissan Ariya Rear

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Source: Nissan Newsroom