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Lotus unveils the 2023 Lotus Eletre Electric SUV

Posted in On 31/03/2022
Lotus unveils the 2023 Lotus Eletre Electric SUV

An All-New Hyper-SUV Hits The Market

British company Lotus Cars have unveiled the all-new Eletre. The fully electric SUV is set to arrive in 2024.

As it stands, Lotus has no competition with the Eletre, its closest counterpart is the petrol-powered Lamborghini Urus with the same dimensions as the Italian brands SUV.

Lotus is branding their new car as a ‘lifestyle’ EV and will pack between 600-750ps, and an expected range of around 350 miles when fully charged. It will have a battery capacity greater than 100kW and states that a 248-mile range can be added in around 20 minutes with its rapid charging technology at 350kW. Using two motors, the Eletre will have all-wheel drive capabilities.

They can achieve this by using the all-new 800v electric vehicle architecture with an integrated high-voltage power distribution system.

The ‘world’s first electric hyper SUV’ will be the first of three lifestyle electric vehicles from Lotus over the next four years. The Eletre is heavily inspired from their EV hypercar, the Evija.

The performance is also looking impressive, with a standing launch from 0-62mph capable in under three seconds. It manages this with advanced aerodynamics and modern battery technologies.


The interior will feature a premium feel and highly durable man-made microfibres on the primary touch surfaces and an advanced wool-blend fabric on the seats.

There will also be a driver-focused cockpit, with a high centre console. It will also have a huge 15.1 inch OLED infotainment system integrated into the dashboard. The driver can also choose to have their driving information displayed via Augmented Reality via the heads-up display, which is included as standard.

Lotus will combine its design team in Warwickshire with the Lotus team based in China who have the experience to bring world-class technology to the cabin.


Driving Modes

The Lotus Eletre SUV will come with four driving modes included. These will alter the steering, performance, and damper settings. The modes included are Range, Tour, Sport, and Off-Road.

More information can be found on Lotus’ website.