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Apple Announces Major Update To Apple CarPlay at WWDC 2022

Posted in On 08/06/2022
Apple Announces Major Update To Apple CarPlay at WWDC 2022

Technology giant Apple has announced a huge update to their CarPlay software at this week’s developer conference, WWDC 2022.

The world’s largest smartphone company has unveiled the next generation of the already popular Apple CarPlay to bring a fully integrated, immersive iPhone experience to your vehicle. It provides the ultimate partnership between your phone and compatible vehicle to bring a hugely enhanced experience.

The update will allow CarPlay to offer a much more personalised experience. The update will add personalisation options ranging from on-screen widgets to changing the default gauges and layout on a virtual cockpit, for example.

Using your vehicle display to control a range of apps makes for a simple yet effective way to navigate around the dashboard. Back in 2021, Apple made small adjustments to their software to enable functions such as seat adjustment and temperature controls being controlled via Apple CarPlay. In IOS 16, they take those enhancements one step further and enable more options for the driver.

The new software will create a cohesive experience for both the driver and the passenger. The new layout makes for a cleaner interface with maps, music controls, and more.

Since Apple launched CarPlay in 2014 with the iPhone 5 and IOS 7.1, all major vehicle manufacturers are now adopting the software - According to Apple's website. Most new vehicles on the road are compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Google's answer to in-car infotainment.

It remains to be seen exactly how IOS 16 will integrate into Apple CarPlay with questions over how your fuel will be monitored from your iPhone – It is expected that most car manufacturers will retain some control over these aspects.

It is going to be launched alongside a wide range of software upgrades when IOS 16 launches later this year. The beta program will begin testing soon, followed by a mass roll-out, expected to arrive in 2023.

With many drivers already using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, is this the death of the car infotainment system produced directly by the manufacturers?



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